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This site is for everyone who loves historical films: epics, biopics, period pieces, and true-life stories, but who also wants to know: Did it really happen that way?

Cathy Schultz is a history professor at the University of St. Francis in Illinois, and from 2004-2010 wrote the syndicated column, History in the Movies, which was featured on NPR.org and reached over a million readers in newspapers nationally. On this site, you'll find her commentary on the accuracy of over fifty historical films released since 2004.(List of films is on the left.)

This blog is no longer updated, but Dr. Schultz is available to lecture on topics of popular history. Subjects include: "Is Hollywood's History Good for You?" and "The Life and Loves of Jane Austen."

Email her for more information.


'The King's Speech' grabs twelve Oscar nominations

Mark Zuckerberg calls 'The Social Network' "fiction."

Richard Rushfield delivers a scathing critique on
the inaccuracies in 'The Social Network."


Invictus gets a nom for Best Picture at the Golden Globes

The New York Times reviews 'Young Victoria'

A documentary filmmaker complains about being erased from 'The Men Who Stare at Goats.'

Mark Whitacre's former lawyer weighs in on the accuracy of the film, 'The Informant!'

'Invictus'--Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman), during his first term as President, works with a white South African rugby star (Matt Samon) to unite black and white South Africans behind the rugby team.

Follow the bullet holes for a 'Public Enemies'
tour of 1930s war on crime

The life story of a Pittsburgh man echoes the story of Defiance

Frost/Nixon scores with Golden Globe nods

The critics love 'Milk.'

A friend of Harvey Milk, celebrates the film

Tom Cruise takes a risky flight with World War II film - 'Valkyrie.'

Bloggers take on Cruise and 'Valkyrie'

Australians like 'Australia'

Australia's young Aboriginal star

'Frost/Nixon' recalls turbulent
post-Watergate era

A Review of The Other Boleyn Girl

A scientific look at the beasties of 10,000 B.C

Leatherheads, a film that explores
football in the 1920s

Breakfast with the real American Gangster

American Gangster scores with the critics

Expect some hokey history fun with National Treasure: Book of Secrets

An historian's take on the Persians of 300: "Imagine a Xerxes who [says]: 'I am Xerxes, Emperor of Persia... My grandfather Cyrus liberated the Jews from their Babylonian exile and let them return to Judea and rebuild their temple. My father Darius urged our people to revere the ‘God of Daniel.’ I myself married Esther, a Jew.”

Set in the early 1970s, The Hoax looks at writer Clifford Irving, who scams publishers by writing a fake autobiography of Howard Hughes

Liam Neeson talks about his role as Lincoln in Spielberg's biopic

Oscar-winning Adrien Brody will play a real-life bullfighter with a tragic end in Manolete,

The original story of survival which inspired World Trade Center

Walk the Line's quest for truth

Good Night, Good Luck: Slate slams its history

Strong review of Spielberg's Munich...

...And a review that's more negative

Top Ten list: What you need in a period film

Christian critique of Kingdom of Heaven

Arabs praise even-handed treatment of
Kingdom of Heaven

And for a different take....Egyptian paper has highly critical take on Kingdom of Heaven

Ron Howard talks about Cinderella Man

Russell Crowe's boxing lessons for Cinderella Man

Historical Films in India

Hitler: That fellow with the nice little dog...(NYT)

In praise of Hotel Rwanda

Thoughts on Unforgiven: Gender and the Western

The Aviator fudges Hughes's relationship to money

Was Melvin Dummar (of Melvin and Howard) telling the truth about his meeting with Howard Hughes?

Background on the real Alfred Kinsey

James Braddock, the actual Cinderella Man

Mel Gibson's Braveheart doesn't get
much love from Brits

Stars work hard to play real people

Biopics: Portrait of the artist, Hollywood style

"I have let Alexander the Great down:"
Oliver Stone regrets his mistakes in his film.

Making Howard Hughes's life dramatically exciting

'The Aviator' vs. The real Howard Hughes (from NPR)

The 'anxious epic:' What film epics can reveal about our current political realities (from Boston Globe)

Telling lives: Why are so many biopics coming to theaters? Because when this tricky genre is done right, truth can be stronger than fiction (Boston Globe)

The greatest epics of all time

Stellar acting and a moving story make 'The King's Speech" an Oscar favorite.

Invictus is a stirring tale showing how Nelson Mandela united South Africa

'The Men Who Stare at Goats' shows the U.S. Army dabbling in the paranormal.

'The Informant!' Matt Damon has some fun playing Mark Whitacre, the quirky whistleblower in Steven Soderbergh's film.

'Inglourious Basterds:' Quentin Tarantino's quest to annoy both history and spelling teachers

Johnny Depp plays John Dillinger in 'Public Enemies'

Tom Hanks returns as Robert Langdon in Angels and Demons

Jews fight back against the Nazis in Defiance

Tom Cruise and his eyepatch star in Valkyrie.

Australia: Baz Luhrmann aims for epic in his new film.

W. Oliver Stone takes on the President.

Miracle at St. Anna: Spike Lee tries his hand at a World War II epic.

Two Boleyn sisters have a fling with a King in 'The Other Boleyn Girl

More goofy fun with National Treasure 2

Charlie Wilson's War has fun with Afghanistan

Denzel and Russell bring back the mean streets of 1970s New York City.

Cate acts queenly in 'Elizabeth: the Golden Age.'

Becoming Jane takes on the true-life tale of Jane Austen

300: Manly Spartans vs. Sissy Persians.

Amazing Grace: An excellent movie about (gasp!) a heroic politician.

Miss Potter: A sweet take on the life of Beatrix Potter

Dreamgirls: How close is it to the real story of the Supremes?

NEW! We are Marshall: Picking up the pieces after a real-life tragedy

Flags of our Fathers:

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