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Bibliography of Web Resources

One of the best articles I've read on historical films is "Thinking about Historical Film: Is it Worth the Trouble?" written by Paul Halsall of the University of North Florida.

Halsall also edits the fantastic Internet History Sourcebooks website, one of the best history sites on the Web. It has links to primary sources from all eras, and also has three wonderful sites devoted to History in the Movies:

Ancient History in the Movies

Medieval History in the Movies

Modern History in the Movies

On a less scholarly note, a fun site to check out is the Cosmique Movie Awards site . "Cosmique" is comprised of a group of San Fransico residents, who vote each year on the best films by genre. "Best Historical Films" is one of their categories. Their 2003 Best Historical Film nominees and winners are here.

Also take a look at:

History on Film
Andrew Allen's wonderful resource for history on film.

The History Teacher’s Movie Guide, by Richard Di Giacomo



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